Atlantic Cedarwood – Cedrus Atlantica – Essential Oil

//Atlantic Cedarwood – Cedrus Atlantica – Essential Oil
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Atlantic Cedarwood – Cedrus Atlantica – Essential Oil


Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Atlantic Cedarwood. Botanical Name:Cedrus atlantica.

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Common Name: Atlantic Cedarwood
Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica
Other names: Atlas Cedarwood
Family: Pinaceae

Source: This essential oil is obtained from the wood of an evergreen tree native to Africa.

Description: Atlantic Cedarwood has a woody, balsamic aroma with rich dry overtones. The wood has a long history as an incense and perfume among the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Country of origin: Morocco

History: The Cedarwood atlas is an evergreen tree that can grow to a height of about 130 feet. It has bluish‐green needle‐like leaves and cones. The trees can reach an age of 1,000 to 2,000 years. The wood was thought to be indestructible and was used in ancient Egypt to build palaces, sarcophagi, and furniture. It was also valued by the Egyptians for its use in cosmetics and as an aromatic in the temples of Egypt and Greece. In France, the oil is used in hair and skin care products. It is added to shampoos and lotions to protect the hair and prevent hair loss.

Constituents: atlantone, caryophyllene, cedrol, cadinene.

Types of Use: aromatic, topical, home/environmental use

Uses: This rich, woody aroma is a base note that compliments masculine blends. The warm aroma is especially appropriate in the fall and winter and can be a fixative to hold the scent of lighter fragrances. Atlas Cedarwood is said to be grounding, calming, centering, and good for meditation. It can encourage dreaming or mental clarity. The vapors of Atlantic Cedarwood can open the sinus and breathing passages, and can ease congestion when rubbed on the chest. It is useful for repelling insects and can be used in higher doses for home cleaning and sanitation.

Dilution Guidelines: If using topically, test for skin sensitivity prior to widespread use. Combine cedar oil with water to use as a pest control or insect repellant.

Warnings: Do not take internally. Avoid when pregnant, particularly in the first trimester. Always test for skin sensitivity prior to widespread use. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Keep oils tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Do not ingest essential oils unless guided by a trained professional.

Shelf Life and Storage Recommendations: Store oils in a cool, dark place and avoid extreme changes in temperature to ensure the longest life for your collection. Steam distilled essential oils have a shelf life of at least 2 years, and even more when stored properly. Due to their chemical makeup, essential oils do not turn rancid like vegetable oils, they simply degrade gradually into a state where the therapeutic properties become diminished. Your nose will tell you when oils have deteriorated before the point when the oils become unsuitable to be added to carriers for use on the skin.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information sourced from the Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, Second Edition, The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia by Carol Schiller and David Schiller, WebMD, and other sources.

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